Widow's $300k Inheritance Goes to Her Cats

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Two cats
Troy (left) and Tiger (right). Photo by New York Post.

The ultimate cat lady.

A Bronx widow left $300,000 to her two cats, Troy and Tiger, in her will, along with instructions that the funds be used to make sure the felines would "never be caged" and always be lovingly cared for.

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Tiger is now living in sunny Florida, dining on filet-mignon-flavored Fancy Feast and sleeping in a plush faux-fur bed with silk lining.

"He deserves it," said Dahlia Grizzle, a former home health aide to the late Ellen Frey-Wouters, and now Tiger's caretaker. "He's a wonderful cat."

Frey-Wouters, a Netherlands native who worked for the United Nations, died in 2015. Her husband, a Brooklyn College professor, passed away in 1989, and the couple's only child died in infancy.

"The cats were like her babies," Grizzle said.

According to The New York Post, Lawyer Irwin Fingerit was a little surprised when Frey-Wouters suggested that she leave the large sum to her kitties.

"I said I didn't think, you know, $300,000 was necessary, and I pointed out the case of the Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley, who left $65,000 to a dog and became sort of a laughingstock,'' Fingerit said during a 2016 hearing about the gift. "But no, no, [Frey-Wouters] insisted. She wanted to make sure they were taken care of."

Troy lives with Rita Pohila, another former home health aide to Frey-Wouters. Pohila, who received her own $50,000 bequest from her ex-employer, declined to discuss Troy with The New York Post.

When the cats die, the balance of their trust fund will go to Frey-Wouters' only living family member, a sister in the Netherlands. The rest of her $3?million estate was split between two other home health aides, charities, and her lawyer.

Do you plan on leaving your pets any money when you die? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Widow's $300k Inheritance Goes to Her Cats