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Wide Open Pets Survey: Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card


Dear Wide Open Pets Reader,

My name is Mateja Lane and I am the managing editor of Wide Open Pets. I come to my desk every day to pick out stories and subjects that I think pet owners far and wide will enjoy, but to be honest, sometimes I only guess.

I know our readers love and care about the animals they keep but what do they actually want to read on the Internet? What information do they need to make the best life for their pets? What pets do Wide Open Pets readers even have?

two labrador retriever dog


That's what I want to know, and what I want my readers to tell me. It will make my job easier, and your feedback will give you what you want to see when you open your computer or look at your phone first thing.

If you take 10 minutes to fill out this survey you will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. A random survey participant will be picked on March 7, 2018.

Even though we as pet owners vary so greatly across the board, some of us own traditional pets like dogs and cats, while others have more exotic ones like bearded dragons and raccoons, we all like to see and read things that are about furry, scaled, or feathered creatures.

Bearded Dragon Lizard


We may live in a bustling city or on a rural farm or anywhere in between but our love of animals brings us together. The Wide Open Pets community is a varied one but a loving one and I want to learn more about you.

Can't wait to meet you through your feedback.

Give your pet a good cuddle for me,

Mateja Lane


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