Wide Open Pets Is Giving Away a Saddle for National Day of the Horse

Posted by Mateja Lane
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How are you celebrating National Day of the Horse?

Did you answer, by winning a free saddle? How convenient, because we are giving one away.

In order to celebrate National Horse Day, officially called National Day of the Horse, Wide Open Pets is giving away a Texas Star Silver Western Saddle.

Enter to win by supplying your email address. You can get bonus entries by visiting our Facebook page, sharing with your friends, and following us on Instagram.

The lucky winner will get a free saddle, and will have a forever memento of 2017's National Day of the Horse. The prize is a classic Western riding saddle that is lightweight and perfect for trail and pleasure riding. The leather is synthetic and waterproof, which makes it easy to spot-clean. The saddle will come with a matching headstall, breast collar, reins, and saddle pad for a limited time while supplies last. Cinches are not included. 

Why wouldn't you enter this giveaway? Wide Open Pets just wants to show the love to our fellow equestrians by giving them a saddle. Plus, National Day of the Horse is a day to recognize how horses have contributed to our great nation. So why wouldn't we outfit our fans with a new saddle?

Happy National Horse Day and keep in touch with Wide Open Pets!

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Wide Open Pets Is Giving Away a Saddle for National Day of the Horse