Why We Can't Stop Watching 'Heartland' on Netflix

Posted by Paige Cerulli

With so many truly terrible horse television shows and movies out there, "Heartland" truly stands apart as one of the best.

Okay, we'll admit it - we can't stop binge watching "Heartland" on Netflix. If you haven't heard of this TV series yet, it's likely because it's a Canadian series which has only slowly made its way to the U.S.

Luckily for us, though, Netflix offers all seven seasons available for streaming. If you haven't started watching "Heartland" yet, here are the top reasons why you should, and why we can't give it up.

The Opening Credits

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"Heartland" has some of the best opening credits around. Slow-motion detailed shots of horses make up most of the credits, and the lighting in these scenes is almost magical.

We never get tired of watching the opening credits, and they're a beautiful look into ranch life with horses.

The Breathtaking Scenery

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The show is filmed in the breathtaking scenery in Alberta, Canada, and you can never get tired of seeing the various settings.

From wide open fields to picturesque ranches, this show has it all, and the wilderness scenes will continue to amaze you.

The Horse Footage


If there's one thing that "Heartland" doesn't lack in, it's good-looking horses. The show definitely incorporates plenty of horse footage to keep the most die-hard equestrians satisfied.

It's not just a drama incorporating horses; it's a drama about life with horses. Be prepared for plenty of riding and training scenes, and though some of the double horses don't always match up, and some of the stunts come out a bit awkward, there's still some beautiful riding to be admired.

Amber Marshall

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Amber Marshall, who plays Amy Fleming, is reason alone to watch "Heartland." Marshall is genuine, and best of all, she's an actual rider.

While Marshall isn't allowed to do the more dangerous riding scenes and stunts herself, you can rest assured that much of the riding footage is of Marshall herself.



Ahh, the young male interest. Ty Borden is played by Graham Wardle, and if you have a thing for hard-working men in jeans with sculpted faces who like horses, then you'll be sure to like Ty.


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"Heartland" isn't just another show which paints life with horses to be some fairy tale full of miraculously-won first place ribbons and perfect rides.

This show portrays the financial struggle of owning and running a ranch. It touches on the abuse and neglect that horses face, and you see its characters do the hard work that comes with caring for horses. It's one of the more realistic shows involving horses, and though Amy is given natural gifts of training, she also works hard to advance her career.

Convinced yet? Then go check out the show. It's worth your time - promise!

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Why We Can't Stop Watching 'Heartland' on Netflix