Why Nylon Halters May Not Be the Right Choice for Your Horse

Posted by Allie Layos

Leaving a nylon halter on your horse could put him in danger.

Nylon halters are colorful, inexpensive, and almost impossible to break, so it's little wonder that they are a popular choice for equestrians around the globe. However, the very fact that they are all but indestructible means that they may not be the best choice for some horses, and could even jeopardize their safety.

Tack, like halters, is meant to provide control over a horse, so no one wants a halter that breaks too easily. But a halter that never breaks at all can cause problems too, and this is the potential problem with nylon, particularly when used on horses that get turned out in a halter.

If a horse is turned out in a leather halter and gets caught on something, there is a chance that the leather will eventually break if he struggles enough to get free. But if a horse gets caught in a nylon halter, the material will not rip. The horse will be stuck until someone finds him, and may even injure himself while struggling to get free.


So what is an owner to do? It's best to turn your horse out without a halter at all. However if you have a horse that is notoriously difficult to catch and you're afraid you'll never be able to catch him again without a halter, at least throw a leather one on him for turnout and save the colorful nylon one for grooming and grazing.

Your horse may not thank you, but his safety will be thanks enough.

Do you use nylon halters? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Why Nylon Halters May Not Be the Right Choice for Your Horse