5 Reasons Why Goats Scream

Posted by Christy Caplan
Screaming Goat

Goats scream for a lot of reasons! Have you ever heard one "bleat?"

Experts describe what a goat sounds like when it screams and it's not pretty.

The Spruce Pets has a wonderful description.

"Like human voices, bleating varies from goat to goat. Some goats may sound like a grown man screaming, while others may sound like human children screaming. Regardless of their pitch, volume and depth, bleating can be pretty dang scary--especially when you're not expecting it."

It doesn't take much for goats to scream bloody murder. The video shows this and it's hilarious.

Goats yell for all the reasons you'd expect them to like calling their young, signaling danger, wanting to be fed, and experts say that goats have individual voices.

Many say the Nubian breed is more vocal than others.

1. They're hungry

A goat owner on a popular forum, Backyard Herds, posted this about their goats.

"Feeding time, attention time, something happened, they just feel like it, something is wrong... They like to verbalize. My neighbor asked what I was doing to the one at one time, non-stop screaming until she got accustomed to home.

I have one mini Nubian who is much more verbal than the other, one rarely makes a sound and a nigi who falls somewhere in between."

2. They're scared

Anytime there is thunder, goat keepers say the herd goes crazy.

3. They're bored or lonely

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Dolly is by far our most vocal goat- a trait passed down from her Nubian grandfather Barnaby. She's got big lungs in a small package and is always the first to demand hay! . Playing along for #meetmygoatmonday hosted by @theyounghomestead and special guest host this week @newburyfarms . Galloping Gertie's Goatery www.etsy.com/shop/GallopingGertie . #goats #goofygoats #screaminggoats #farmlife #homesteading #idaho #idahogram #idahome #idahodaily #farmher #farm_snaps #farmphotographydaily #farmanimals #pocket_farms #raw_country #iamcountryside #country_features #be_one_rural #bpa_rural #total_rural #trb_rural #mcl_rural #goatloversanonymous #goatjournal #goatsofinstagram #goatmilksoap #gallopinggertie

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They thrive on social interaction. Goats need a friend. Your goat will likely bond to you if a single goat is not bonded to another goat who will stay with it in a small herd.

The easiest and quickest cure for a lonely goat is a second goat. So you need to purchase another goat to keep the single one company if your goat is alone and crying (screaming) all night. 

4. When females go into heat

Roy's Farm confirms that goats in heat make a lot of noise!

"When the female goats of your herd go into heat or your male goats go into the rut, then you may hear quite of bit of noise. The goats make lots of noise who are in the midst of breeding season. During this time they make noise primarily for communicating their intentions with one another."

5. They're excited

Screaming goats are hilarious, but before you decide you must have goats yelling like humans in your homestead, check with your neighbors to make sure they're OK with the noise!

Does this sound like a dream vacation? Please leave a comment below!

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5 Reasons Why Goats Scream