Cat stares from underneath a table.

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?


If you are a pet owner of a cat, you might be quite familiar to the sight of your cat staring at you. Here's why your cat stares.

Cats are curious by nature, and if you are a cat owner you probably have noticed, usually more than once, your cat staring at you. First of all, don't worry, this cat behavior is perfectly normal -- in fact, eye contact with your feline friend is your cat's way of communicating with you. (Actually, your cat's body language can tell you a lot about your feline friend!)

For cat owners who've had a staring contest with their feline friend, they might have pondered this question one time or another: "why does my cat stare at me?"

Why Is My Cat Staring at Me?

As cat parents, you might have caught your kitty staring at you more than once in a while, and while those cat stares might even sometimes be unsettling -- hey we get it, it's human nature! -- those cat eyes that seem to stare deep into your soul are common and usually normal. So before you think your cat is plotting your imminent demise or your kitty is trying to control your mind into doing her bidding (O.K., so maybe the mind control part isn't true, but she might be wondering when meal time is!), here's why Fluffy is giving you "creepy stalker" vibes.

While you might be wondering if your feline friend is perhaps threatened by you (direct eye contact in the cat's world is a threat or a sign of aggression; cats try to out-stare each other in conflicts), your feline friend might simply be trying to tell you "I love you". If your cat is staring at you along with long, slow blinks, they are trying to show affection -- yes, if your lovely cat stares at you, it might just be a sign of affection.


On the other hand, your cat might be staring at you because they are hungry and decided it's time for dinner, especially if it's around their meal times! Just check their food bowl; Often, they are using their best mind control powers to get you to fill their food dish. They will typically use a combination of cat meows and staring to really get your attention!

Although there's no way to exactly know why your feline friend is staring at you, cats are extremely intelligent and do their best to communicate through body language, like cat stares. For the most part, your cat staring is pretty harmless (like when your cats sleep with their eyes open or, let's be real, it's something food-related), and is no cause for alarm. So, unless your cat is trying to communicate some sort of health issue, there is really no harm in just letting them stare -- as creepy as it might be...

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