Why Cats Bite, And How You Can Correct Their Behavior

Posted by Christy Caplan

Do you love Jackson Galaxy as much as we do? He's our idol when it comes to cats and feline behavior. No one wants their cat to nibble on their hands and arms.

Here is what Jackson Galaxy says on the topic of cat biting:

"Aggression in cats is not uncommon, but it's unusual for it to be serious enough for people to seek professional help. Follow along as we lay out the different types of aggressions your cat could be experiencing and the ways to calm them. This is absolutely treatable; but to do it right may take considerable time and effort."

So what should you do if this happens? Why do felines bite?

Why do cats bite?

Galaxy also shares and reminds us that cats are both predators and prey.

"In multi-cat homes, they have a social hierarchy; and they are very territorial. Understanding these instincts will help you see the world through your cat's eyes, and understand why certain situations elicit certain aggressive reactions. While serious aggression can and should be treated by a professional."

It's really important to understand cat behavior whether you live with one or five cats. Study this article on Jackson Galaxy's site. 

5 reasons why your cat is biting you

PetHelpful tells us that sometimes a cat's basic needs aren't being met:

1. Young kittens may bite when learning how to play.
2. Some personality traits in cats are hereditary. It's in their genes!
3. Times can be really tough and cats are sensitive to their owners' emotions.
4. Any new transition like a move, or a new pet--any change at home can cause changes in your cat's behavior.
5. A cat may bite if they feel threatened.

Aggression in cats is not uncommon. Sometimes basic needs aren't being met and you need to consider the world through their eyes. Always consider talking with a professional if you need help with your cats.

Always watch your cat's body language and cat's behavior. Are they purring or clawing? When you categorize their aggressive behavior you should journal how often this happens for your vet or vet behaviorist. Cat bites may result from overstimulation, petting sessions, playtime, and play sessions that are too rough. There are always warning signs like growling. Pet owners should watch for different forms of communication.

In your cat biting journal, add all aggressive biting and when it occurs. Cat owners should also include love bites, cuddles, nips, signs of affection, meowing, nipping, play aggression, and rough play.

Do you know anyone that has a cat that bites them? Please let us know in the comments.  

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Why Cats Bite, And How You Can Correct Their Behavior