Why Does My Cat Always Sit on My Computer?

Posted by Katherine Ripley

Your cat likes to be the center of attention. And often, your computer takes their place...

Cats are stubborn animals. Everything you want them to like, they don't like, and everything you don't want them to like, they love.

So instead of lounging on that $200 cat castle that you bought just for them, your cat sits on your keyboard while you're working.

So why do cats sit on computers? Here are five possible reasons:

1. They want your attention.

Cats get the reputation for not being nearly as affection as dogs, and while that may be true, it doesn't mean that cats don't want to receive your love.

If they see you working on something on your laptop, the best way to get your attention is to come over and sit right in front of you--where your attention towards your computer happens to be.

2. They like the warmth.

Ever notice how cats love to sit in the sun, or on top of a pile of laundry that just came out of the dryer? Your laptop is warm too, so your cat thinks of it as a nice, comfortable place to lounge.

Kitten On A Laptop

3. Keyboards are soft.

They're not soft like a pillow or a plush blanket, but the keys do "give" when your cat walks across them, so he thinks it would be a comfy place to take a nap.

4. Cats like things that move and make noise.

Your cat might be attracted to the sound of your fingers clicking on the keys, the whirr of the laptop, or the lights blinking on the screen. The cat is intrigued, and comes to check out what's so interesting about your toy.

You can guess, based on your cat's personality, which of these reasons makes your cat sit on your computer. A good solution to the problem might be to put a box right next to your computer.


Cats love to sit in boxes, and if you put it right on your desk, they will be able to feel close to you without preventing you from doing your work. You can use a cardboard box from an old delivery, or the top of a board game box.

Or you can just have your cat run your Twitter page and type out a jumble of letters when they lay on your keyboard...

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Why Does My Cat Always Sit on My Computer?