Instinctual Feline Logic: Here Are the Real Reasons Cats Like Boxes

Posted by Tori Holmes

It's no secret that cats love boxes (I mean, if it fits I sits, right?) but is there logic behind their obsession? As it turns out, there is.

Contrary to popular belief, cats' affinity for boxes has a greater purpose than providing us hours of entertainment. In fact, the relationship between cats and boxes is instinctual.

In the wild, cats need to find places that allow them to both be sheltered from predators and to find prey of their own - something a confined space is perfect for. As cats have moved from the wild to our homes, they haven't lost the desire to hide and boxes provide the perfect sense of safety and security.

cat sleeping in box

Although the logic is slightly flawed, while they're inside a box cats feel secure. They believe that they cannot be snuck up on from behind or from the side - anything that wants to interact with them must come from their direct field of vision.

From the safety of their box, cats can run out to catch a toy or any other prey and quickly retreat back to wait for the next opportunity to pounce. Also, it's the perfect spot to sleep without being disturbed.

Cats' connections with boxes are much deeper than they seem but regardless of the nature of their relationship, there's no denying that it's downright adorable!

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Instinctual Feline Logic: Here Are the Real Reasons Cats Like Boxes