Why Didn't They Make These Ride-On Horses When We Were Kids?

Posted by Paige Cerulli
UFREE toy horses

While we settled for rocking horses and stick horses, the newest generation gets to play on these awesome ride-on horses. We're jealous. 

Were you lucky enough to have a rocking horse as a child? Maybe you were even super lucky and had one of those palomino rocking horses on springs so you could really get bouncing. Or maybe you had a stick horse that you galloped around the yard with.

As fun as these toys were, they lacked one major feature - you couldn't really go anywhere with them. At least, they were nowhere near as cool as these ride-on horses are.

UFREE toy horses

These ride-on horses made by UFREE combine your traditional rocking horse with a bicycle-type toy. Not only can you ride these horses, but you can self-power them so that they roll along on any smooth surface.

Just stand in the stirrups and sit; the motion propels the horse, so not only is it fun, it's a good workout too. Plus you'll have a chance to practice your posting. You can use them indoors and out, giving kids a true sense of freedom when they're out playing and riding.

UFREE toy horses

UFREE toy horses

I don't know about you, but I would have killed for one of these when I was a kid! They're adorable and soft and feature detailed saddles and bridles.

You know that any lucky kid who gets one of these ride-on horses will spend just as much time grooming the horse as they will riding.

UFREE toy horses

While you may wish you'd had one of these horses as a kid, you can still enjoy the fun they provide - these horses are made in sizes for adults, too! Prices vary according to the model, and shipping is available. Be sure to check out the UFREE website for more information.

All images: UFREE

Would you have wanted these toys as a kid? Tell us in the comments below!

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