Who Saved Who?: Rescue Chihuahua Saves Her 92-Year-Old Owner's Life

Posted by Allie Layos

This pint-sized rescue dog returned the favor when her owner needed it most.

When 92-year-old Marie Alexander adopted her pet Chihuahua, Sassy, she thought she was the one doing the rescuing, but the nine-year-old dog returned the favor many times over when her quick action and loud barks saved Alexander's life.

Alexander was doing a routine check of the mail recently when she twisted her foot and fell. She was unable to rise again, leaving herself subject to the oppressive Inverness, Florida heat.

Luckily for Alexander, Sassy was by her side and saw the accident. The dog immediately began to bark at passing cars to get attention. In an interview with ABC Action News, Alexander said that Sassy continued this barking for five whole hours.

Sassy's barking finally caught the attention of two passersby, who came to Alexander's aid.

Alexander had eventually been able to drag herself to a shadier spot on the lawn, but she was still dehydrated and suffered bruised ribs from the ordeal, and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

She believes she is lucky to have survived, and even luckier to have Sassy.

"I saved her at the shelter and she saved me," Alexander said.

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Who Saved Who?: Rescue Chihuahua Saves Her 92-Year-Old Owner's Life