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37 White Cat Names That Put 'Snowflake' To Shame


There's something special about a white cat, isn't there? If you recently brought home a new white kitten, we have some purrrfect names for you.

Is there anything more precious than a white kitten? The soft white fur, the pristine crisp white coat, the elegant beauty they naturally exude -- yes, you can't help but love a fuzzy all-white fur-ball. Whether your new kitty is a female cat or a male cat, being a new (or a pro!) cat owner bringing home a fresh kitty is one of the best feelings in the world.

Ah yes -- there is nothing more exciting than bringing home a new pet. With all the excitement (and of course, all the cuteness) that comes with your new furry feline friend, it's a must to do all you can to give them a good home, starting off with finding the perfect name. The options for cat name ideas out there are infinite, so we've gathered some of the best white cat name ideas to make your life a little easier and you can spend more time with your new kitty.

We guarantee your new cat will also meow with thanks!

37 White Cat Names That Put 'Snowflake' to Shame

1. Blizzard
2. Casper (for the friendly white cat!)
3. Angel
4. Aspen (after the snowy travel destination)
5. Polar (as in polar bear)
6. Birch
7. Angel
8. Blanche
9. Blanco (means white in Spanish)
10. Coconut (this one and the two after -- what fun names for foodies!)
11. Marshmallow
12. Creampuff
13. Chilly
14. Cottontail
15. Dream
16. Elsa (perfect for Disney fans!)
17. Flower (the homophone for flour!)
18. Frosty


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19. Dumbledore (named after the wizard's flowing white locks, this is a great name for Harry Potter fans!)
20. Glacier
21. Ivory
22. Jack Frost (perfect for the December holiday around the corner!)
23. Klaus
24. Lily
25. Lotus
26. Luna (Spanish word for moon)
27. Noodle (another good name for foodies!)
28. Misty
29. Neve (means snow in French)
30. Pearl
31. Shiro (means white in Japanese)
32. Snow White/Snow/Snowball
33. Sprite (a unique cat name for lovers of the drink!)
34. Sugar
35. Tofu
36. Khaleesi (what's better than pop culture's mother of dragons for your white cat?)
37. Yeti

Bonus names!

38. Zima (Slavic word for winter)
39. Willow
40. Duchess (fans of "The Aristocats" will know this name!)


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