When You Should Think About Getting Your Dog a Harness

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dog harness

A harness can help your dog walk with confidence again.

Walking on all fours can be difficult for an ailing canine, but a harness can save your pup the struggle.

Harnesses come in many forms. Some fit around the chest of a dog, preventing neck strain from leashes. These are especially beneficial for dogs suffering from IVDD, a spinal disease. Chest harnesses also limit leash pulling and tugging, particularly for curious canines.

dog harness

If your dog is suffering from hindquarter weakness, a harness will do wonders to help him move from sitting to standing or simply walk around town. Sling harnesses can slide under the back end. Handles guide the owner to help lift or hold the canine upward.

Full body harnesses are also available. These buckle around the armpits and slide around the rib cage. With a handle on top, you can assist your dog in a fashion much like you would carry a suitcase.

dog harnessBooties and toe grips are also great aids for weak limbs. If these and a harness do not help your dog improve, a doggy wheelchair cart might be the next option.

Many dogs lose confidence when they cannot move along as they normally would. This vulnerability can lead to depression and lethargy. Providing the tools to keep your pup feeling young and healthy can go a long way in both his happiness and yours.

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When You Should Think About Getting Your Dog a Harness