When You Find Your Heart Horse, You'll Know

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've ever found your heart horse - or even if you're still searching - you'll understand just how powerfully accurate this video is. 

Among horse lovers, there lives a dream of finding your "heart horse." To non-horse lovers, this may sound like a far-fetched idea, but true horse lovers understand the significance of finding your heart horse. Much like finding your soul mate, finding your heart horse means that you have found the horse who truly understands you, who makes you feel proud and strong and whole again, and who you trust and love unconditionally.

You could say that many horses can meet that description, but heart horses are different. Heart horses are once-in-a-lifetime matches that feel as if they were made just for us. They often come along at a time when we need them the most, and it's next to impossible to go out and find our heart horses. They have a way of finding us, instead.

This video beautifully captures what it means when riders find their heart horses.

One of the great things about heart horses is that they're often not what we'd expect. Sure, the shiny-coated muscly sporthorse might seem to be a great match for you, but often heart horses come along in the form of horses that we might have otherwise underestimated. Heart horses are sometimes the rescues, the horses in plain wrappers who have true gifts to give if we stick around long enough to discover what's inside them.

One thing's for certain - when you find your heart horse, you don't let go. Heart horses are worth making sacrifices for, and they're worth keeping around for their entire lives. These aren't horses you sell on.

If you're lucky, you may have one or two heart horses during your riding career, and they are worth more than anyone could ever pay for them.

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When You Find Your Heart Horse, You'll Know