Here's What Happens When Dressage Tests Go Wrong...

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When dressage tests go wrong, sometimes they go very, very wrong. It's all part of riding, though. 

When you ride horses, it's a fact of life that bad days are bound to happen. Sometimes it's you, and sometimes it's the horse. Sometimes it's both. Regardless of what goes wrong, often all you can do is hang on and try to get through the ride. But when dressage tests go wrong in the middle of competition, well, you can't help but be disappointed.

In the world of horse showing, riders work for years and years to get to a specific competition level. They pour time and financial resources into their passion for riding, and often months' worth of daily rides and schooling sessions culminate in a single dressage test that lasts mere minutes. The pressure's on, and the better prepared that you are, the better your chance of things going right.

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But sometimes, no matter how well-prepared you and your horse are, dressage tests go wrong. Some days, you don't even make it into the ring.

If nothing else, horseback riding teaches you to be humble. Days like this one remind you to truly appreciate the days when things go right. They also make a win at a horse show that much more valuable.

When we ride horses, we partner with another living being with a mind of its own. Sometimes bad rides happen, and you'd be hard pressed to find a rider who hasn't been embarrassed in public at some point during their career. But, we persist, mount up, try again. And that's what makes us stronger.

Have you ever had an embarrassing riding moment? If you'd like, tell us about it in the comments. 

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Here's What Happens When Dressage Tests Go Wrong...