When a Puppy in a Bunny Costume Can't Stand Up

Posted by TF Oren

Question (and no, it's not a trick question): what's cuter than a puppy?

Answer: a puppy in a bunny costume.

Question: what's cuter than a puppy in a bunny costume?

Answer: a puppy in a bunny costume that just can't stand up.

A puppy dressed as a pink bunny that just can't stand up is just about as cute as it gets. Why? Because, regardless of the nature of the competition, cute baby animals usually win. Cute baby animals falling over always win. And that's a cold, hard fact. Well actually, it's a soft, cute, and cuddly one...with floppy ears.

Try as he might, this little puppy just can't keep himself upright. He tips to the left. Then he tips to the right. Each time, he waits to be reset, like a little wind-up toy.  And then, after being righted once again, he just quits. He parks his little behind on the floor and puts the kibosh on everybody's bunny-tipping fun.

Check out this tipsy little bun-bun in action:

If, somehow, your insides mange to resist turning to jelly while watching this, the hysterical laughter in the background just might get you.

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And in the meantime, try and stay upright.

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When a Puppy in a Bunny Costume Can't Stand Up