When a Miniature Horse Foal Gets Loose, Chaos Ensues

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Trying to catch a loose miniature horse foal is like, well, trying to catch a fast-swimming minnow in a very big pond. 

In the middle of a show, a miniature horse foal gets loose and decides to have some fun with all of the excitement in the arena. Trick is, while miniature horses may be small, they're incredibly quick. This foal is agile, fast, and having a great time. It's the recipe for chaos.

And that's exactly what you'll see in this video. Among show horses, both in-hand and being driven, this miniature horse foal goes totally wild and is delighted with his new-found freedom.

The problem is, catching him proves to be difficult, even with many people trying to help out. Watch as the plans for this show are put on hold due to the foal's escape. The video is a little grainy, but hilarious nonetheless.

Hopefully you'll never have to deal with a loose horse, but if you do, it's good to be prepared and to know how to handle the situation. Don't chase the horse - if you chase a horse, he will generally only run. Send someone to close any gates and to try to block your farm's entrance to the road. Then, put some grain in a bucket and rattle it as you slowly approach the horse.

When you approach a loose horse, it's best to do so from the side rather than from directly ahead of or behind the horse, which can spook him. Even if you're angry about the fact that the horse has escaped, try to keep your emotions in check.

Horses are very sensitive and can easily pick up on your emotions, which can make them more difficult to catch. When you do get up to the horse, offer him some grain to distract him, and try to wrap the lead line around his neck to secure him. Then you can progress with putting the halter on the horse.

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When a Miniature Horse Foal Gets Loose, Chaos Ensues