Rita and Balu's Sweet Reunion Proves Dogs and Horses Can Be Friends

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This horse and dog are best friends, and after being separated for seven months, their initial greeting is just adorable.

Most horses and dogs learn to get along with each other, but they don't typically become fast friends. They're different species, after all, and a horse and dog read body language differently. So for many horses and dogs, a separation wouldn't be too difficult. Unless you're talking about Rita and Balu.

You see, Rita the horse and Balu the dog are best friends. But when Rita escaped and was found by a local farmer, the farmer refused to give Rita back to her owner. The owner had to pursue the matter through court, and the process took seven months before she could get Rita back.

This video captures the moment that Rita and Balu were first reunited after their time apart.

You can see that Rita is trying to groom Balu, and that Balu seems to greatly enjoy the attention. This cute horse and dog pair clearly get along well, and they definitely recognize each other after their time apart.

Both horses and dogs can establish strong bonds with other animals. Horses often bond to herd members, which can cause emotional stress when one horse moves to another farm and his buddy doesn't. Dogs also form strong bonds to other dogs, though it's less likely for them to be separated from each other as often as horses sometimes are.

And, of course, both dogs and horses form strong bonds with humans. Both animals are known for being loyal, and there's nothing better than knowing your horse or your dog so well you can anticipate their next move. Rita and Balu are evidence of the bond that can develop between species, and of the fact that horses and dogs don't forget each other, even after several months have passed.

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Rita and Balu's Sweet Reunion Proves Dogs and Horses Can Be Friends