What's So Great About This New Austin Coffee Shop? Butters the Goat

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Yes, of course Butters the goat wins Employee of the Month. Every month. 

With the amount of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops opening up daily in Austin, Texas, there needs to be some differentiation. And Civil Goat Coffee Co. has found the perfect way to set themselves apart from the rest: Butters the pygmy goat.

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Civil Goat Coffee Co. opened near Bee Cave in 2016. Owner Chris O'Brian stared roasting coffee beans in 2010 and according to Austin's Eater, the hobby quickly grew into a full-time job. The thing is, with this new "real" job, who was going to take care of his little pet goat Butters?

"He can be awesome at times, and a royal pain at others," O'Brien said, "but he's a goat so I've come to accept it."

The "royal pain" soon started accompanying O'Brien to work, and became the official mascot of the coffee shop.

He pulls his weight by helping compost, and being super cute.

Stop in to Civil Goat Coffee Co. for a quality cup of coffee from beans that O'Brien sources from all around the world; roasted beans come from Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica and more-all small batch and sustainable. They offer your typical espresso drinks, cold brew nitro coffees, and baked goods from local bakery Baguette et Chocolat. There is rumor of weekend brunch soon, as well.

So keep an eye out by following them on Instagram and checking out their website. And to see cute pictures of Butters the coffee shop goat, of course.

By the way, did you know humans discovered coffee because of goats? The shop derived its name from "The Devil's Cup," by Stewart Lee Allen, that describes the whole ancient tale.

Tell us what you think of this hip coffee shop in the comments below!

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What's So Great About This New Austin Coffee Shop? Butters the Goat