What Twitter Has to Say About #IfDogsWereBaristas

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Someone somewhere at some point in time had the question, what if dogs were baristas?

We ask many strange hypothetical questions. What if we only spoke in farming pickup lines? What if Ross Geller really has a feline clone? And, God forbid, what if cats didn't exist?

Now the Internet has posed another query: What if dogs were baristas?

Twitter users took to cyberspace to define just what this bow-wow-run Starbucks world would look like.

Man buns on coffee servers would be allowed just this once.

Money would not be the only way to pay for drinks.

Small, medium, and large would have new names.

We could bond instantly with the barista using limited vocabulary.

We wouldn't care if the barista wrote our name wrong. (We probably wouldn't care if they wrote our name at all.)

Serving coffee would require a license, preferably worn around the neck at all times.

We'd never have the Monday Blues, ever.

Cats would be there, asking for more cream, please.

Health code violations would occur frequently, and we'd just bat our eyes in admiration.

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Humans would be a little less sophisticated, with no room for raised pinkies.

Clearly, our mornings, at least, would have a very different start.

And I think we'd all be okay with that.

What do you think would happen if dogs were baristas? Tag us with the hashtags #wideopenpets and #ifdogswerebaristas or share in the comments below.

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What Twitter Has to Say About #IfDogsWereBaristas