When You Try to Be Productive But You Live with Cats

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've ever brushed cat hair off your keyboard or had to fight for your computer mouse, then you likely know very well what it's like to work with cats. 

Are your papers crumpled before they even come out of the printer? Is there cat hair hiding in every crevice of your desk? Do you have to lift a sleeping cat each time you want to retrieve the book or file that they're curled up on? Are you a master at typing with one hand while holding your cat off the keyboard with the other?

Then it's official: You work with cats.

This video, featuring Cole and Marmalade, shows us just how delightful - and frustrating - it can be to work with cats. There's something about cats and computers; there's almost a magnetic force that pulls them together.

And then if you add in a printer and warm, freshly printed paper, it's all over. And those spinning office chairs? They're awesome, huge cat beds. Take a look at the mischief that Cole and Marmalade get up to.

If you work from home or spend any amount of time working on the computer, then I'll bet that your cat is often by your side. You can try putting an empty cardboard box on your office desk - it will often tempt your cat to climb in and go to sleep, which may leave your keyboard free for use. It's not a guarantee, though - for some cats the temptation of a keyboard and being in the way is too great.

Do you ever get the sense that your cats know exactly what they're doing? They position themselves so it's impossible to ignore them, and if you have a piece of paper that you'll need, they inevitably find a way to sit or curl up directly on top of it.

My cats seem to especially enjoy racing through the room, meowing at the top of their lungs whenever I get on a conference call. Oh well, that's life with cats - and that's why my phone has a mute button!

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When You Try to Be Productive But You Live with Cats