When You're Surrounded by a Herd of Wild Icelandic Horses

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This videographer experienced a once-in-a-lifetime moment when he was surrounded by a herd of wild Icelandic horses. 

Imagine this: You're standing in a field while on vacation, enjoying the beautiful scenery that Iceland offers. You notice a herd of wild Icelandic horses off in the distance, and decide to wait and watch them for a while.

Gradually the herd gets closer and closer, until you realize that some of the Icelandic horses have circled around you - you're literally standing in the center of the herd.

This video depicts just what it's like to be in the middle of a herd of wild horses. Thankfully, these horses seem relatively calm and curious; they're fascinated by the camera. It's rare to get such up-close footage of wild horses, yet these Icelandic horses just couldn't resist the urge to investigate the cameraman. Take a look at this beautiful video.

There's something about wild horses that entrances us. Perhaps it's the fact that they remind us of days gone by, or that, when the world becomes more and more fenced in, they still remain free and independent.

As breathtaking as the above video is, it's really not a good idea to get close to a herd of wild horses (if you ever have the chance). Remember, horses are prey animals and have lightning-quick reflexes. They'll also defend their foals against predators, and even if the horses seem well-meaning, you may find yourself being kicked.

On the other hand, you can bring a wild horse home to become your own riding mount. The Bureau of Land Management regularly adopts out mustangs in order to keep herd numbers under control. If you're a talented trainer or can send the horse out for training, then adopting a wild horse might be a practical option for you.

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When You're Surrounded by a Herd of Wild Icelandic Horses