What Would You Do If You Found a Pig Sleeping in Your Construction Site?

Posted by Tori Holmes
Pig sleeping in construction site
All images via @Kent_999s / Twitter

Workmen in Margate, Kent, England were in for quite a surprise when they returned to their construction site to find a pig resting in a pile of rubble.

After the pig made no indications getting up up anytime soon, the workers had no choice but to call the police for help. Fortunately, someone had the good sense to snap some pictures before the pig was forced out of his temporary accommodation.

As it turns out, the pig had been on the loose for a few days before he made himself comfortable in a nice pile of rubble the works had recently dug up.

When the police arrived, they were able to collect the pig using a wheelbarrow and move it to safety.


This isn't the first time that a community in Kent has dealt with a loose farm animal, however.

Earlier this year, a Shetland pony named Mocha escaped from his paddock in Gravesend, Kent and made his way into a nearby pub. It wasn't until the pub owner brought out some tasty leftovers that they were able to convince the pony to head home.

As one pub-goer joked, maybe the pony was just looking for a little "horse-pitality"!

First horses and now pigs - it seems that the barnyard animals rule Kent. We might just have to schedule a trip and see for ourselves!

All images via @Kent_999s / Twitter

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What Would You Do If You Found a Pig Sleeping in Your Construction Site?