Quiz Yourself: What Do Canine Expressions Really Mean?

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Do you know what those puppy eyes are actually telling you?

Dogs have a way of communicating with gestures just like humans. Body language and behavior go a long way with telling exactly what a dog is thinking or saying, but facial expressions alone can tell us a lot.

We all know to be careful of a dog whose hackles are raised. We all know a dog whose ears are perked is alert.

But do you know how to read if your dog can tell you apart from someone else? Take the quiz to test your knowledge and learn a few things about canine facial expressions.

How did you do? We learned a few things while researching the questions, too.

The eyes, ears, and mouth can offer a glimpse into the mind of a dog.

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Does your friend think he or she is the dog whisperer? Share this quiz to test their knowledge!

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Quiz Yourself: What Do Canine Expressions Really Mean?