What Are Toe Grips and How Can They Help My Dog?

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Dr. Buzby's

Stop your dog from slipping and sliding indoors!

Moving around on hardwood or tile floors can be tough for a canine. Puppies wobble all over the place on slippery floors before they've learned to control their limbs. Imagine how difficult it can be to walk on these surfaces if you can't gain footing due to medical issues.

When dogs develop arthritis, hip dysplasia, hindquarter weakness or neuromuscular disorders, moving from a sitting to standing position can be tricky. Even just walking short distances around the house can be a trying task.

Toe grips, also called toe tubes, slide over a dog's nails to add traction on all surfaces. They are typically made of a rubber material cut to a specific size that fits snugly over the middle of the nail.

Prior to purchasing the toe grips, you'll want measure the diameter of your pooch's nail bed, right in the middle. This is best done using thin string or even a piece of floss which you can then mark out with a ruler. The measurement will determine what size toe grip your dog needs, which is important to prevent the tube from slipping off.

The leading doggy toe grips are Dr. Buzby's brand. Their website is filled with tutorials and success stories. You can order directly from them or through a veterinarian who carries the product.

Toe grips differ from claw caps used to prevent scratching on furniture and humans. Dog booties can also be mistaken for toe grips in a simple Internet search. If you're searching online, be sure to read the description carefully to make sure you're ordering the right product!

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What Are Toe Grips and How Can They Help My Dog?