We've Found the Perfect Bed for the Horse-Loving Child

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Do you have a horse-loving child in your home?

The kind who plasters their walls in horse posters, collects Breyer model horses, and excitedly yells "Horses!" every time you pass a pasture in the car? Well, then we have the perfect bed for them.

This bed gives any horse-loving child a stable of their own, provides them with a safe place to store their model horse herd, and helps to combat the clutter that seems to quickly take over any child's room.

Just take a look at the beautiful stable bed perfect for any horse-loving child!

Posted by R & B Door Company on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Yes, it's actually a stable, complete with dutch doors and barn end doors. It's full of adorable details, and it's ready to accommodate a herd of horses.

Posted by R & B Door Company on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The headboard is equally charming - a rustic barnwood look that brings a little bit of the barn into the bedroom.

Posted by R & B Door Company on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Gotta have it? Or know a kid who's gotta have it? (I'd put it in my own room, but it's probably intended for kids...) You can find more details from the R & B Door Company. They've listed the prices for these amazing beds (which include the headboard) as $1,500 for a Twin, $1,900 for a Full/Queen, and $2,300 for a King. They're located in Oklahoma, so if you need it shipped, that will be an additional cost.


Who wouldn't have loved a stable like this for their own bedroom as a child? I know my model horses would have been thrilled with these beautiful stalls. What a truly stunning bed that's elegant, fun, and horsey enough for any horse-loving kid.

Would you have adored one of these beds when you were young? Tell us in the comments!

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