West Elm Is Making Christmas Ornaments of Your Favorite Pets to Raise Money for ASPCA

Posted by Amber King
Rusty Rodas with West Elm Christmas tree ornaments
Instagram/Rusty Rodas

It's time for the season of giving, and major household goods company, West Elm, has the best idea.

West Elm has made a name for itself by selling products that not only look great, but everything with their name on it makes some kind of social impact. From bedding to wall art, their goal is to make a positive difference through handcrafted, organic, and sustainably sourced items. With Christmas on the way, a new line of ornaments will be a hit amongst animal lovers.

Take a look at the newest additions to the West Elm line of Christmas tree ornaments, and you might recognize a few furry faces. Juniper the Fox, Cleo the Bunny, Rusty Rodas, and White Coffee Cat have all been made into adorable ornaments for a good cause. West Elm has partnered with these famous Instagram pets and the ASPCA to build a better future for the nation's population of homeless pets.

For every ornament sold, West Elm is committed to donating one dollar to the ASPCA. The money will go directly to the immediate care and well-being of the dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, and other homeless pets living in the network of ASPCA shelters. From daily meals to life-saving medical treatment, West Elm products are helping make a positive difference.

The famous Instagram pets are already showing off their cute miniatures on social media. encouraging fans to take part in the fundraising. Each ornament is $12 and comes with free shipping. Check them out on the West Elm online store, or start shopping at the location nearest you.


Will these famous Instagram pets look good on your Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments.

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West Elm Is Making Christmas Ornaments of Your Favorite Pets to Raise Money for ASPCA