Weird Things All Dog Lovers Do

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Hey dog lovers, we're willing to bet that you'll have done most of the things in this video!

Dog lovers are a special kind of people. Our best friends have four legs and a tail, but they're also loyal, intelligent, and oh so much fun to have around. But life with a dog brings with it some unusual behaviors on our part. After all, we tend to talk with our dogs about peeing and pooping, we let them sleep with us, and we let them share our meals.

But that's totally normal, right?

This video is a fun yet truthful take on the weird things that dog lovers do. We've definitely done most of these things - have you? We bet that most dog lovers will be able to recognize themselves in this video. Take a look and have a good laugh!

So maybe non-dog lovers think we're a little crazy, but we get it. Dogs are awesome and are well worth looking a little "crazy" to the outside world for. So we'll continue talking to our dogs as if they talk back, and will make them special treats and buy them countless toys that they don't really need. They're part of our family, after all, and our dogs deserve to be a little spoiled.

Want to spend some time with other dog lovers who understand the weird things that you do? Think about taking your dog to a training class or playgroup. You'll both have a chance to socialize and will even learn something during the process. You might also check out the local dog park, or just take your dog for a walk in a popular area - you're sure to meet other dogs and their owners.

The world may see us as a little crazy, but we wouldn't give up our dogs for the world.

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Weird Things All Dog Lovers Do