Website Matches People with Adoptable Pets, Kinda Like Tinder

Posted by Amber King
girl playing with her dog somewhere in the park

With a short quiz, this website matches you with eligible rescue pups in your area.

The founders of PawsLikeMe have set out to make a difference in the lives of both people and animals. With millions of animals being euthanized every year, co-founders Elizabeth Holmes and Marianna Benko were looking for a way to keep homeless dogs out of shelters.

When an animal has nowhere to go and nobody to call family, fate isn't on their side. Shelters fill up quickly, and with limited funding, dogs are often euthanized. PawsLikeMe was created to save lives with an alternative approach to animal adoption.

Girl playing with her dog in city park

Visit the PawsLikeMe website, and the first thing you'll see is a slideshow celebrating the beautiful bond between human and canine. After you fawn over the cute puppies, you'll see a box that says, "Take the Quiz!"

This short, five-minute questionnaire will ask you to agree or disagree with statements like, "My idea of exercising is a slow stroll down the street," and "My dog will be home alone while I'm at work." You answer the questions as best as you can, and the results give you a personality profile of your perfect dog. You can stop there, or you can enter your email address to be shown real dogs that are exactly what you're looking for. They're all in need of homes, and PawsLikeMe gives you a direct method of adoption.

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The algorithm used by PawsLikeMe creates a complex matching score based on personality factors. First, they pre-filter matches based on specific needs, like dogs that are friendly with small children or other pets. Next, they analyze four core personality categories for both humans and dogs. Each trait is weighted based on special factors and situations. The process is similar to algorithms used by popular online dating sites. But the difference is you'll want to swipe right for every pup.

pet matching algorithm

The personality quadrants chosen for the test are energy, confidence, focus, and independence. They're based on characteristics pet owners either share with their dogs or traits that strengthen relationships based on corresponding needs. If a dog is high-energy, for example, they'll be best matched with a person who enjoys exercising and extra playtime. A dog that is fearful and lacks confidence will do best with someone patient and compassionate enough to help them overcome those difficulties.

For six months before the website's launch, a team of tech engineers and animal professionals beta tested the system to ensure accuracy. They tested over 3,000 participants and ended up with an average 91% match accuracy. Their goal is to not only help prospective pet owners sift through thousands of available animals, but they want to facilitate adoptions that will last a lifetime.

Have you taken the quiz on PawsLikeMe yet? Let us know in the comments.

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Website Matches People with Adoptable Pets, Kinda Like Tinder