We Dare You Not to Smile While Watching These Happy Horses

Posted by Paige Cerulli

These happy horses are feeling great, and they're not at all afraid to show it - just watch them go!

Nothing is better than happy horses. When horses are feeling good, they play, run around, and show off just how fast and strong they are. When you see your horse playing and goofing around, it's a good thing - it means he feels good and that he has enough energy to gallop across the pasture and leap straight up into the air. Happy horses reassure their owners that they're doing just fine.

These two happy horses are having a great time together. Something has gotten them wound up and they're doing laps around the ring, and the jumps and jump poles don't stand in their way in the slightest. They're so excited and so cute - just take a look!

Horses are often happiest when they're in the company of other horses. Herd animals by nature, horses are reassured by the presence of others. In the wild, horses travel in herds for safety.

There are always herd members to stay on the lookout for predators while other horses sleep. A predator is less likely to attack a herd of horses than it is to attack a single horse, so horses instinctively know that it's safer to be in a herd.

But horse company serves another purpose, too. Socialization is important for horses. When your horse has another pasture buddy with him, he's more likely to play and move about, which is good for his digestion and mental health. Horses also engage in mutual grooming which helps to relieve stress and get rid of itchy spots.

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If at all possible, try to give your horse another equine turnout buddy. If your horse can't share a paddock with another horse, then try to position him so that he shares a fence line with other horses. This can help to reduce boredom and stress, and can keep your horse happy, too.

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We Dare You Not to Smile While Watching These Happy Horses