Did You Know Ponies Actually Have Dance Parties When We Aren't Watching?

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Whether you need a laugh, a great way to pass a minute, or just your daily dose of ponies, you have to check out the pony dance video. 

First there were prancing ponies. Now there are dancing ponies. Yes, the pony dance video is possibly the best thing we've ever seen. A catchy tune, an adorable pony, and some darn good moves all come together in this creative video. You can't help but fall in love with this plucky little pony and his herd.

If you can spare a minute, then please, watch the video below. We'd like to challenge you not to smile, tap your toes, or laugh during it. We're willing to bet that you can't!

How great would it be if horses really had moves like this? Perhaps horse dancing would become a new sport of its own. We'd have free-styling Friesians, tap-dancing Thoroughbreds, and line dancing Lipizzaners.

In truth, horses do dance - at least, dressage horses do. When horses and riders have excellent communication with each other, the horses can be asked to perform movements which look just like dancing. Judged on aspects like suspension, cadence, and freedom of movement, it's almost as if one were judging a dance competition.

Any horse and rider pair with a strong bond can dance in their own way - you don't have to ride dressage to dance with your horse. The next time that you're out riding, see how little you can ask with your physical aids. Instead, try thinking about what you want the horse to do before you introduce an aide.

You and your horse may be dancing a lot more than you initially thought.

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Did You Know Ponies Actually Have Dance Parties When We Aren't Watching?