We Can All Relate to This Snoozing German Shepherd's Grumpy Awakening

Posted by TF Oren

Nobody likes being rousted from a deep sleep.

You're out like a light. Mouth open, eyes rolled back, snoring away, dreaming of paradise, and then...smack! All that goodness goes away in the blink of an eye  - literally -  and all of a sudden, you're cranky, tired, and disoriented.

In other words, you're awake.

It's just rude.

That's why we can all relate to this blissfully slumbering German shepherd. He's dead asleep one minute, flapping lips and all, and rudely awakened the next.

You can see how clearly unamused he is to be awake. Everybody knows that feeling.

Share this little gem with anyone who woke up to an alarm this morning.

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