Ways You Can Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you love animals and want to help out animals in need, then you'll want to consider these many ways that you can help your local animal shelter.

Animal shelters help to keep countless animals safe every year. Without shelters, these animals would have nowhere else to turn. Your local animal shelter rehabilitates animals, cares for them, and even finds them new homes.

But animal shelters need help, too. They often need donations, volunteers, and more. If you would like to help out your local animal shelter, consider doing one of the following.

Adopt a Pet

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Adopting a pet is a great way that you can help out both your local animal shelter and a pet in need. By adopting a pet from an animal shelter, rather than buying one from a breeder, you can give a pet in need a great home.

At the same time, you'll be freeing up shelter space so that the shelter can help another pet in need of care and a new home.

Foster a Pet

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Many animal shelters depend on fosters, especially kitten fosters, in order to provide all of the pets with the care that they need. When litters of kittens come into shelters, they require intensive care and lots of attention.

This can be draining on staff time, and shelters without overnight staff can't ensure the nighttime care that younger kittens need. Shelters often look for foster families for kittens, especially in the spring. You'll keep the kittens in your house for a few weeks or months, and once they're old enough to be adopted, they'll go back to the shelter to find their new families.

Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

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Animal shelters are often short on staff, and there's so much to do when it comes to caring for pets and finding them their new homes. Contact your local animal shelter to find out about volunteer opportunities.

Each shelter has its own specific list of volunteer opportunities, but many shelters have volunteers walk dogs, provide cats with attention, help care for the animals, clean cages, and even staff community events.

If you have special skills, like writing, photographing animals, or applying to grants, be sure to mention these to your local shelter - they may be able to put your talents to good use.

Make a Donation

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Don't forget the power of making a donation to your local animal shelter. Shelters can always put monetary donations to good use, but they often have "wish lists" of needed supplies like food, towels, blankets, cat litter, toys, and more.

You might find out what your local shelter needs and then hold a supply drive. Contact friends and family and ask them to donate, or network through a school or through your employer. Volunteer to collect the supplies and drive them over to the shelter.

There are countless other ways that you can help your local shelter. What have you done to help out shelter animals in need?

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Ways You Can Help Your Local Animal Shelter