Dog hangs on its flamingo floatie.

Get Ready for "Hot Dog Summer" With Our Favorite Water Toys!


?With summer fast approaching, it's time to get some water toys for dogs restocked.

Whether you take Fido to the beach, to the lake, or play in the backyard pool, your pup deserves some playtime with shiny new toys that can get wet.

What should you look for in a water toy? 

Water can degrade the quality of a toy over time, so getting some new things each summer isn't a bad idea. Also, if your dog is a chewer, you need to update their chew toys once pieces start coming off for their safety. For water play, find your dog toys that can float. If a toy is buoyant, you will be able to find it in the water if your pup does not catch it when you throw.

Dogs love to run in and out of the water chasing tennis balls, frisbees, and flying discs. As a pet parent, it's hard not to buy more pet toys. There is always a need to get your pup something new to chew on. Dog pool toys are just as good of an excuse as any to add to the collection. The best toy for your furry friend will depend on your dog's breed and the size of your dog.

If your dog is a heavy chewer, you will want a durable material so they will not destroy their new toys. Larger dog breeds will be drawn to bigger, heavier-duty toys for their swimming pool, while smaller dogs may prefer toys like balls or dumbbells.

Keeping Your Dog Cool??

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Another way to keep your pup cool is to set up a little swimming pool for them. Fill it up with a garden hose or set a sprinkler in the middle, and your dog can play in until their heart's content in the water.

Swimming is suitable for your dog's joints and is a healthy activity, especially on a warm day when running and playing outside can be hard on your pup's paws. Remember to dump out the water in your pup's pool at the end of the day, so it does not attract mosquitos or other critters.

ChuckIt! Amphibious Bumper Floating Fetch Toy

ChuckIt! is known for their ball launcher and their flying squirrel toy, but the Amphibious Bumper Fetch toy is just as cool. The bumper is a rope toy with nylon, rubber, and EVA foam. It floats in water but can hold up to heavy chewing at the same time. If your dog prefers tug toys, the rope will allow you to have a water-based tug-of-war game. The bumper also comes in bright colors, making it easy to locate in the water.

Dog Squeaky Toys 4 Piece Pool  Float Toys

These interactive toys come in a four-piece set. They are designed to float in a pool. The toys have a squeaker inside the durable material that will not break down easily but keep your pup coming back for more. Use the ball, tire, or dumbbell for a spirited game of fetch in the water. The texture on the dog toys makes it easy to pick up and provides some canine teeth cleaning all at the same time.

Kong Aqua Floating Fetch Toy 



Dog owners have long used Kong for their dogs as chew toys and treat toys. The best part is small dogs can use Kongs, and it also comes in large sizes. Kong is known for its durability in all of their products, and the floating aqua toy is no different. The floating fetch toy will add to your dog's summer fun. It is brightly colored, making it easy to locate, and has a foam core that makes it float. The popular dog chew toy continues its summer refresh by adding a rope for a longer throw.

Nerf Dog Rubber Tire Flyer Dog Toy

If your pup likes frisbees or is a fan of their tire, this toy by Nerf will be their new favorite. The rubber Tire Flyer floats in the pool and is made of lightweight thermoplastic that is water-resistant. The tire is 10 inches in diameter, making it better for medium and large dog breeds to play within the water.

Doggy Floating Toys-MMSPS Dog Floats for Pool

Some dogs prefer to have their own pool float so they can spend the day floating on the water. This float is great for both small and big dogs alike. Inside is an inflatable PVC tube, and outside is a nylon fabric cover that helps it stay puncture-proof. It folds down easily to store in a car or boat for travel to the beach. The float can hold up to 60 pounds without water getting inside the circle. Dogs over 60 pounds will likely get wet. If your dog isn't a fan of getting wet or swimming, you may also want to get them a neoprene vest to keep them drier while they float along the shore.

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