water fills puppys hole

When Water Fills Puppys Hole in The Sand His Reaction is Priceless


Viral video captures the frustration felt when waves fill puppy's hole with water, ruining all his hard work.  

We've all been there. Enjoying a lovely day on the beach, building sandcastles, just to have the waves come in and wash it all away. This funny video captures the moment perfectly when waves fill a puppy's hole.  The adorable golden retriever puppy's reaction to waves crashing into his newly dug hole is priceless.

All That Hard Puppy Work

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The adorable puppy is enjoying his time on the beach, checking out the sand and water. The cute puppy, Angus, digs himself a nice hole in the ground, snuggling into the sand while making his new digs just right. There is nothing that can match this cuteness. The funny dog is so proud of himself as he cuddles into his little sand spot.


However, the new puppy has a hilarious reaction the first time the waves try to reach his spot. His meme-worthy reaction was the funniest response to incoming waves.

The funny animal goes straight back to his sand hole, only to be thwarted again by incoming waves. Angus jumps back from the incoming water, watching as water fills his hole.

This trending animal video isn't quite over yet, though. Angus heads over to inspect his hole, which is now filled with water. Having a tiny puppy tantrum, he hops around, trying to figure out what just happened! In one aww-worthy clip, he places his paws on the edge of the sand, starting to slide into the water.

The little pup expertly hops away and gets himself back to his humans!


It's no wonder this video with water filling up a puppy's hole went viral on social media and made it to Rumble Viral's YouTube channel. There is nothing better than cute animals and their funny reactions.  With pandemic lockdown's being lifted, maybe we will see more puppy beach compilations. The perfect entry to summer!

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