Watch This Heroic Roadside Rescue of a Dazed and Wounded Senior Dog

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Animal Aid Unlimited, India received a distressing call about a gravely wounded old dog wandering along a busy roadside in a daze.

When the Animal Aid rescue team arrived, they quickly located the dog. Sure enough, she was walking along, somewhat disoriented, and sporting a gaping, badly infected wound on her back.

Rescuers wrapped her in a blanket and put her in the rescue truck. They rushed her back to Animal Aid's rescue facility.

As soon as she arrived, the fragile old girl began receiving IV fluids for severe dehydration and much-needed emergency care for the maggot-infested wound along her spine.

Once she had received the first round of treatment, she was placed in a blanketed crate to rest. Exhausted from her ordeal, she needed time to heal and regain her strength. Her rescuers named her Edith and committed to giving her all the time an TLC she required.

Watch Edith's miraculous rescue and recovery here:

Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of Animal Aid Unlimited, Edith is a happy, healthy senior girl who will live out her golden years in the company of other rescued animals.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's lifesaving work on behalf of India's street animals, and contribute to help save more precious lives like Edith's.

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Watch This Heroic Roadside Rescue of a Dazed and Wounded Senior Dog