This Cow Acts Like a Puppy When He Plays with a Bale of Hay in the Snow

Posted by Krissy Howard

Ever had an itch you couldn't scratch? This creative cow took to a straw bale to ease its irritation.

A Montana driver was treated to a hilarious sight last winter when they spotted a cow romping through the snow with a makeshift toy.

That toy? A giant bale of straw, which it pushed with its head and chased as it rolled down a hill, punctuated by the occasional jump for joy!

The cow was more likely using the bale as a scratching post, which it inadvertently sent rolling away with each attempt at quelling that itch. That's not to say cows aren't down for a good time, though!

The cows seen in this video didn't just stop at playing with their hay bales, they took turns unrolling it entirely, pausing only for a few quick nibble breaks here and there. For other cows, the mere sight of green grass after a long, hard winter indoors is enough to have them jumping for joy in a most adorable way.

As anyone who has ever spent time with one knows, cows are highly intelligent animals, and that's a claim science can back. According to a recent experiment conducted by Sydney University student Alexandra Green, dairy cows are capable of learning and following specific sounds. Trained to navigate a maze following Green's audible cues, the dairy cows featured were able to find their own way to food located at the end of the T-shaped labyrinth, with one cow even mastering the maze in just 20 seconds!

Alexandra Green/NZ Farmer

In addition to being highly intelligent, a 2014 study has determined cows to be emotionally sensitive as well, and many were learned to suffer from deep emotional pain upon being separated from their mothers at an early age, and also when confined to isolation.

"I hope we learn more about how interesting and smart these animals are," said study conductor Dr. Daniel Weary, in an interview with Huffington Post.

"If we are going to use these animals for our own ends, we should treat them with respect, and work hard so we can give them what they need and make sure they have a good life that we're proud of."

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This Cow Acts Like a Puppy When He Plays with a Bale of Hay in the Snow