Watch These Cows Come Running to the Soothing Sounds of the Saxophone

Posted by Krissy Howard

Most people have a preferred style of music to listen to, and for these cows, it's easy listening from a soothing saxophone. 

What started as just an ordinary day for this herd ended in a full blown jazz concert after a mysterious saxophone player appeared and gave them a free show!

We already know that cows can't stand country music, but with this rendition of the Bobby McFerrin classic, "Don't worry, be happy," the soloist proceeded to win them over one by one, quickly drawing an attentive crowd!

The musician behind the magic? Turns out they are a Finnish group of performers known as Puistomäki, who apparently spent the entire day entertaining the hillside dwellers, receiving an increasingly warmer reception with every tune.

For their next number, vocalist and saxophonist Pirita Tiusanen "calls" the cows over from across a green, grassy field, which they excitedly run through to reach their new favorite band.

Katso keikka lehmille osoitteessa #lehmä #viikki #helsinki #finland #cow

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Now that she has their attention, the rest of the band sets up and assumes their positions, ready to play for the crowd of watchful eyes and eager ears lined up behind them.

Not only do the cows respond to the brassy notes of the sax, but they seem to love the sound of Pirita's voice too, with those stuck in the cheap seats toward the back pushing their way up front for a better listen.

It's no big secret that cows are known for having a good time, whether it be with a playful romp with a bale of hay in the snow, or by forming new friendships with unlikely companions.

We love seeing these beauties enjoying the sunshine with a few of their favorite tunes, and from the looks of things, they sure did too!

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Watch These Cows Come Running to the Soothing Sounds of the Saxophone