Watch the Sweetest Billy Goat Serenade in History

Posted by TF Oren

Not many people can say they've been personally serenaded. 

Not many goats can claim that either.

But there's at least one billy goat out there who can pull the ol' "been there, done that" card on this one.

Last year's Indiana State Fair held a sweet surprise for a little goat who found himself the subject of a full-on serenade, courtesy of R&B artists Anthony Hamilton and the Hamiltones.

The little goat was reportedly hanging out by himself when the group happened upon him.

So, naturally, they decided to feed him carrots and sing to him. Because, why not?

Watch the Hamiltones surround this goat with some sweet, sweet music:

Share this surprise serenade with anyone whose day could use a musical interlude...and a goat.

Who are we kid-ding? Everyone's day could use some of both.

If you're primed and in the mood for another goat video, check out this baby goat mashup madness!

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Watch the Sweetest Billy Goat Serenade in History