Watch This Very Smart Dog MacGyver His Ball out of the Pool

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The next time anyone challenges the intelligence of dogs, all you need to do is show them this video to prove them wrong!

You've got to love the smart dog in this video. He sees a problem, looks around, and figures out a way to solve it on his own terms.

Most dogs love playing in pools, but this fellow doesn't seem to agree. Problem is, his ball's in the middle of that pool, and that's what he really wants. He just doesn't want to have to go swimming to get it.

So, what's a dog to do? His humans aren't going to get the ball for him, and it's not moving from its spot in the middle of the pool. But he really wants that ball.

Watch this video - it's only a minute long - and check out this smart dog's very creative solution to this situation. You'll love it.

Does your dog enjoy spending time in the pool more than this dog does? Going swimming can be a great way for your dog to cool down and get some exercise at the same time, but it's also important to keep your dog safe in and around the pool. Make sure that the fencing around your pool can keep your dog out, and never let him hang out in the pool area unsupervised.

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When it comes to letting your dog in the pool, make sure that he's a strong swimmer or outfit him with a doggy life jacket. Keep an eye out for signs that he's getting tired, and provide him with a way to easily get out of the pool. Pools that have stairs are ideal for this.

Try to discourage your dog from drinking pool water, and bring out a bowl of fresh water to have poolside for him. Finally, be sure to give your dog a bath after he's done playing in the pool to remove the chlorine from his coat. Chlorine can dry out skin and can cause itching and irritation.

Will you and your dog be hitting the pool this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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Watch This Very Smart Dog MacGyver His Ball out of the Pool