Watch Rescuers Pluck This "Wolf" Off the Streets of L.A.

Posted by TF Oren

Wolves don't normally frequent the inner city.

That's why staff and volunteers from the rescue organization Hope for Paws were suspicious when they received a call about a wolf wandering the streets of Los Angeles.

When rescuers arrived in the neighborhood where the "wolf" was reported, they immediately spotted her. Luckily, she had just wandered into a gated yard, so rescue worker Lisa Chiarelli hopped out of the car and quickly closed the gate to the yard.

Upon closer examination, it became clear that the "wolf" wasn't a wolf at all, but perhaps a wolf-dog hybrid.

With some gentle words and tasty treats, rescuers managed to get a leash around her neck and lead her to the car.

Covered in wounds and clearly in pain, the dog, later named Julia, needed immediate medical attention. They took her to a veterinary clinic, where staff examined her and began administering treatment for her various ailments.

Watch Julia's amazing rescue here:

Within a week, Julia was back on her feet and moved into her new foster home. Soon after, she found a wonderful forever home.

Julia the "wolf" is now living a life of luxury, thanks to the heroic efforts of Hope for Paws.

You can read more about Hope for Paws, and find out how you can contribute, here.

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Watch Rescuers Pluck This "Wolf" Off the Streets of L.A.