Watch This Pug's Reaction When His Friend Has Had Enough

Posted by TF Oren

Sometimes, enough is enough.

And when it gets to that point, you just have to put your foot down. Or, in Mr. Woof's case, bare your teeth and tell your annoying little pug pal what's what.

Yoda the pug has a lot to say. Too much, even. And his buddy, Mr. Woof, just doesn't want to hear it.

You can clearly see Mr. Woof stewing as Yoda barks him an earful. Mr. Woof is not having it. Not. Having. It. He's teetering on the brink. Words of encouragement from his humans don't seem to improve his state of mind. Nor does the scolding Yoda gets.

The little dude just won't quit.

Finally, his irritation turns to anger; Mr. Woof snaps. And Yoda's reaction...well, you really have to see it for yourself.

Wait for it...wait for it...

BOOM! The full 360!

Explosive laughter ensues. No one was expecting Yoda to react that way. Even Yoda seems surprised by his own reaction.

With moves like that, this little pug could give ol' MJ a run for his money!

And as for Mr. Woof, well, problem solved. Looks like he's earned himself at least a few minutes of peace and quiet.

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Watch This Pug's Reaction When His Friend Has Had Enough