Watch Some Guinea Pigs Play the Lava Game in Slow Motion

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Watch these guinea pigs jump lava!

Remember as a kid hopping around sidewalks singing, "Don't step on the crack or you'll fall and break your back!" Or how about lining up carpet squares and avoiding walking on the hardwood floor "lava"?

Watch as these guinea pigs bring you back to your childhood days of hide-in-seek and hopscotch! Just when you think the pigs are done leaping, two more show up!

Guinea pigs are known for their popcorning behavior, but who knew they like to play jump-the-lava games, too?

The owners keep this band of guinea pigs free range, roaming around the house at will. Free range allows animals ample exercise and enrichment. Just make sure your house is rodent-proofed!

Guinea pigs are social creatures. That's why it's illegal to own only one in Switzerland! In this video, they seem to have bonded to their owner, too.