Watch as Guide Dogs Take the SF Muni for Social Training

Posted by Krissy Howard

For guide dogs in training, the San Francisco Metro makes for a good exercise while preparing them for things to come.

Like any skilled professional, training, discipline, and loads of hard work are necessary to be good at one's job - and guide dogs are no different.

A recent video shared by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency gives a glimpse at what these dogs and dog trainers go through when training with the organization Guide Dogs for the Blind.

In operation since 1942, Guide Dogs for the Blind works with a network of instructors, volunteers, donors, and puppy raisers to provide highly-trained companion animals to visually impaired clients in need. A big part of the training involves teaching these dogs to maneuver their real-world surroundings.

The above video shows a class of guide dogs in training becoming familiarized with the San Francisco Muni system, working with handlers to traverse flights of stairs and elevators, enter and exit train cars, and accompany their human until it's time to depart. Here, they learn to tolerate the noise and commotion of their environments, always staying focused on the task at hand and never losing their cool.

Most puppies in training range from around six months to a year and a half in age. While retrievers, labs, and shepherds are commonly used as assistance animals, other breeds such as pit bulls and even other species such as mini horses have lent their skills to help human handlers.

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Watch as Guide Dogs Take the SF Muni for Social Training