Watch This Four-Way Pug Head Tilt Madness

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Just when you thought pugs couldn't get any cuter, they had to go and do this.

Loca the Irish frolicking pug video went viral a few years ago. Doug the Pug makes us LOL with his Instagram photos and subtly humorous commentary. Norm spends his days stealing his owner's iPhone to take countless selfies. Otis captured our heart alongside a feline co-star in his 1980's wilderness trek film, Milo and Otis.

But now the Internet has a group of head-tilting pugs to distract us from our work.

Conveniently alliterated names for this pug quartet roll off the tongue, but the pooches look so similar, it's difficult to tell them apart. For anyone checking out their YouTube channel, also conveniently dubbed "The Pug Head Tilt Pugs!" it doesn't really matter which pug is entertaining us on screen.

Mabel and Monte are visited by Max and Minnie. Together, the four steal the spotlight--and our hearts--with their synchronized head-tilting antics. See for yourself just how cute a pug can be:

Not only do they all sit sophisticatedly in an arm chair, inclining their heads in polite acknowledgement like little canine ladies and gentlemen, but they also jump on top of each other in typical dog banter. They play a gentle tug-of-war and snooze together, too.

As if they weren't classy enough, these pugs advocate dog adoption, too. They are using their celebrity stardom to give a voice to their fellow animals in need.

The pugs have already been featured on "The Tonight Show," "Ellen," "Regis & Kelly," "GMA," and Animal Planet. Now they can add Wide Open Pets to a growing list of interviews and accolades!

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Watch This Four-Way Pug Head Tilt Madness