Watch Einstein the Smallest Horse in the World Take His First Steps

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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When the smallest horse in the world takes his first steps, it's a big deal. 

It's hard to deny that foals are absolutely adorable. Their miniature size and unusually long legs give them a precarious appearance, and who doesn't love little horses? Well, when Einstein the smallest horse in the world was born, he was even tinier than most foals are. In fact, he was so small that his caretakers could pick him up and carry him around, and he needed to wear specially-sized blankets to help regulate his body temperature.

This video features some great footage of Einstein as he begins to explore his world. Like all foals, he's curious and fast to learn how to walk and play. But Einstein's also so tiny that it's amazing to consider the fact that he is, actually, a horse.

Take a look at this cutie!

Einstein is a Miniature Horse, but is believed to be the smallest horse in the world. He weighed just six pounds at birth and was only 14 inches tall - so small, in fact, that he needed help in reaching his mother to nurse. Einstein's tiny size isn't the result of dwarfism, which can cause serious physical complications in horses. Rather, it's just likely that some of his ancestors were unusually small, and that's reflected in Einstein's height.

This little guy was born on April 22, 2010 in Barnstead, New Hampshire. He's owned by Charles Cantrell and Rachel Wagner, and was born at Tiz, a Miniature Horse Farm. Thanks to his unusually small size, Einstein has received lots of media attention, and even got to meet Oprah. You can learn more about Einstein on his website.

What do you think of tiny Einstein? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Watch Einstein the Smallest Horse in the World Take His First Steps