You'll Never Believe Benji the Homeless Dog's Amazing Transformation

Posted by Krissy Howard
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Benji the dog lived on the streets his entire life until rescuers gave him a second chance, and a transformation you'll have to see to believe. 

For Benji, a shaggy little dog living on the streets of Los Angeles his entire life, his rescue couldn't have come soon enough.

When his rescuers from California-based organization Hope For Paws arrived, they found the frightened little guy alone and hiding under a car, terrified of human touch, and matted with fleas. At first taking their time to assess the situation, rescuers were forced to act fast as Benji made a run for it, heading straight toward a busy intersection, and they were able to subdue him in the nick of time.

Luckily for Benji, their encounter would mark the end of his old life and just the beginning of better days ahead. After experiencing the kind touch of a human hand for the first time in his life, Benji was taken in for some much needed medical care, which included a complete shave down due to severe matting, and a flea bath.

Now clean and safe, Benji would get an opportunity to recover, though it took him almost two weeks to really start coming around. With patience, love and kindness, not to mention some much-needed social bonding with a few special canine companions, Benji's road to recovery has been slow but sure, and he opens up a little more with each day.

Today, Benji is living the life every dog deserves, playing with his foster siblings Lola and Frankie, and learning how to receive love from some very special humans who are helping him find his way into a forever home all his own!

Benji's story ended on a positive note, proving once again the importance of rescue efforts everywhere. If you're thinking of adding a furry friend to your life, check out these tips to help ensure a smooth and successful transition for everyone.

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You'll Never Believe Benji the Homeless Dog's Amazing Transformation