Watch as 450 Rescued Dogs Run Free in This Serbian Sanctuary

Posted by Krissy Howard

Life on the street is hard for any dog, but for the lucky pups who find their way to this sanctuary, things are finally looking up! 

Running free, romping with friends, and receiving the playful spray of a cool garden hose, the 450 dogs housed in a very special animal sanctuary in Serbia spend their days living life to the fullest.

All formerly homeless, these lucky dogs get a second chance life - one that isn't confined to a crate, cage, or kennel.

This environment not only provides basic care for dogs in need, it allows for profound healing and transformation to take place. Started by kind soul Sasa Pej?i?, the pack of pooches who call this sanctuary home are given the priceless gift of exercise, socialization, and love - all things they simply weren't afforded before.

For many who were victims of abuse or neglect, the attention given to them by Sasa and his dedicated team of volunteers is the first they've ever experienced in their lives, and the bonds they are able to form with others, two-legged or four, can make for an invaluable advantage for any dog looking to find their forever home.

The only thing this heaven on Earth is running short on? Food and funds! Which is exactly why international organization Harmony Fund is working to get Sasa and his team the resources they need to continue to provide for these beautiful dogs, each of which costs about $15/month to care for.

To learn more, or to make a donation yourself, visit their donation page to help heal a life today!

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Watch as 450 Rescued Dogs Run Free in This Serbian Sanctuary