Watch an Angora Rabbit Get a Brazilian Blowout

Posted by Mateja Lane

Brazilian blowouts are all the rage, even in the bunny world.

Angora rabbits are sometimes bred for their fur, or wool, and you can see why someone would want to wear an Angora sweater after watching this.

This little Angora rabbit is getting ready for a rabbit show.

Rabbit showing is a full-time job. Betty Chu looks after 50 English and French Angora rabbits in San Jose, California, and shows them at various rabbit shows around the country. One of her Angoras, Franchesca, is even in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's longest hair.

Chu gives these patient bunnies coat blowouts to make sure they are "clean...fluffy...and pretty!"

She grooms her rabbits every day and they seem to love it. Chu is proud of her bunnies and their adorable offspring, and takes her pets seriously.

Chu and her husband haven't gone on vacation since 1992 but Chu doesn't mind. Who will take care of her bunnies while she's gone?

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Watch an Angora Rabbit Get a Brazilian Blowout